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Juan P. Mijares

Juan Pablo Mijares began making fine instruments while still in high school.  He received guidance from several well-known and respected California makers.


He next attended the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City, Utah, graduating with the degree of Luthier.  The four years of study included courses in construction, acoustics, repair and restoration, history and identification; all under the direction of Peter Paul Prier.  Mr. Prier is a graduate of the famous Mittenwald School of Violin Making in his homeland of West Germany, as well as the founder of the Violin Making School of America.  Mr. Prier's teaching methods and his program are highly respected and well renowned.


Mr. Mijares then studied violin performance at Brigham Young University under Barbera Williams and Percy Kalt.  He also studied for one year with Leslie Blackburn a Julliard graduate currently playing in the Utah Symphony.


Mr. Mijares has had ample opportunity to study, examine, and work on some of the finest examples of the violin maker's art, both ancient and modern.  He gained valuable experience through prior employment with some of the more important shops in the country, including the shops of Peter Paul Prier in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Bearden Violin Shop in St. Louis, Missouri.  He was also employed by Brigham Young University to oversee their collection of fine stringed instruments. 


Mijares Violins was established in Colorado Springs in 1987.  He welcomes inquiries for highest quality handmade violins, violas and celli, as well as student quality stringed instruments

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