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Rental Agreement

Financial Responsibility: I agree to pay as specified above for the rental of a String Instrument Outfit from Mijares Violins.  100% of the first six months (6 months) of rental payments may be applied toward the purchase of a new instrument (in the same classification) from Mijares Violins.  Rental instruments are not for sale. Payments considered past due if not received within five days of the due date, thus incurring a $20.00 late fee, which cannot be applied toward purchase.  Late fees are not optional. I give Mijares Violins, or their agent, permission to check my credit. My MasterCard, VISA, or Discover Card number is provided as security for the instrument I am renting.  Should my account become delinquent by two months (60 days), all rental equity is forfeited, and the full price of the instrument becomes due and collectible. If such delinquency should occur, I hereby give permission to bill the full price of the instrument to my credit card listed below.  Accounts delinquent by 60 days may be submitted to a third party for collection resulting in an additional $100.00 collection fee. I agree to pay all legal and collection costs related to the delinquency of this account, and give Mijares Violins, or their agent, permission to terminate this contract without notice and to reclaim their instrument at the school if rental is not paid as agreed.

Returns: Returns must be shipped to Mijares Violins, 111 N. Tejon St., Ste. 1, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.  Instruments are not considered returned, and rental and late fees apply until Mijares Violins is physically in possession of the instrument.  Rent will be due for the semester on instruments returned after the             of the month.  Return of the instrument without applying rental credit toward an immediate purchase constitutes termination of this contract, and rental payments cannot be applied toward purchase at a later time.  NO REFUNDS ON PREPAID RENT.


Damage & Insurance: I agree to accept full responsibility for the instrument being rented, and understand that in case of loss, theft, serious damage, or failure to return the instrument on demand, I must pay the full price of the instrument.  All repairs on rented instruments are to be done at Mijares Violins.


Rental Credit: Rental credit is accrued toward the eventual purchase of an instrument from Mijares violins, as outlined above.  The purchase option must be initiated by the customer. Mijares Violins is not responsible for notifying renters when equity has reached the value of a rented instrument.  Rental instruments are not for sale.

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