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Rental Guide

Renting is often a great option for beginning players to get a feel of their instrument without the financial investment of purchasing. Additionally, as younger students grow, they will need larger instruments. We offer size exchange at any time for our customers. This is very convenient, as customers don't have to invest buying instruments for every size. 

Please read our full rental agreement before ordering your instrument.  

Maggini's violin

Our Instruments

All of our instruments are personally set up by our employees, ensuring each instrument is up to our standard of excellence. In addition to the cost of setting up each instrument. 

We rent our instruments on a quarterly basis and the rental fee is the same for all sizes. Here is a breakdown of our rates: 

Rental payments are considered past due 5 days after the charge and incur a $20.00 late fee. Should the account become delinquent by two months (60 days), all rental equity is forfeited, and the full price of the instrument becomes due and collectible.  If such delinquency should occur, the full price of the instrument will be billed the credit card listed filed. Accounts delinquent by 60 days may be submitted to a third party for collection resulting in an additional $100.00 collection fee. 

Rental Credit

100% of the first six months (6 months) of rental payments may be applied toward the purchase of a new instrument (in the same classification) from Mijares Violins. The purchase option must be initiated by the customer.  Mijares Violins is not responsible for notifying renters when equity has reached the value of a rented instrument.  Rental instruments are not for sale.

Customers are welcome to come to our physical location to rent an instrument. Our address is below: 

Mijares Violins

111 N. Tejon Ste. 1

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

We also ship rental instruments nationwide via UPS ground. Shipping prices will be calculated at checkout. 

Nationwide Shipping


All customers are responsible for any damage, accidental or intentional, to the rental instruments. In the case of loss, theft, serious damage, or failure to return the instrument on demand, the renter must pay the full price of the instrument.


All repairs are to be done by Mijares Violins. We do not authorize any outside party repairs. If you need to send your instrument into the shop for repairs, please call (719)-587-8242 or email before shipping the instrument. Packages should be shipped to this address: 

Mijares Violins

111 N. Tejon St. Suite 1 

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Customers are responsible for inbound and outbound shipping fees.

Here is a good resource for packing instruments safely for shipping: 




Rental renewal notices will be sent to the customer's email before two weeks before the rental period has ended. If you would like to renew the rental, reply to the email. 

Returned instruments are to be sent to our physical location. Please refer to the above link in order to pack your instrument properly. Instruments are not considered returned, and rental and late fees apply until Mijares Violins is physically in possession of the instrument. If we have not received the instrument within one week of the due date, you will be charged for another rental period. We do not give refunds for prepaid rent. 

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