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Rental FAQs

Renting is often a great option for beginning players to get a feel of their instrument without the financial investment of purchasing. Additionally, as younger students grow, they will need larger instruments. We offer size exchange at any time for our customers. This is very convenient, as customers don't have to invest buying instruments for every size. 

What are the benefits of renting an instrument instead of buying one upfront? 

You will first need to know which instrument and size you need. Please check out our sizing guide here to ensure you order the proper instrument.

If you are near our shop in Colorado Springs, we encourage you to come in to the shop to test your rental instrument and get the proper size. If you are ordering online, please check out our sizing guide to determine the size you will need. 

Please fill out the form here, and your instrument will be sent within a week to the shipping location. Please go to our rental guide if you have any other questions. 

How do I start the process of renting an instrument?

First, contact us by phone at (719)-578-8242 or email You will need to pack and ship your instrument back to our shop.  We will then send the instrument back when it is repaired. The customer is responsible for inbound and outbound shipping.  Please check out shipping page for more information. 

What do I do if the instrument or bow is damaged?

Yes, you can trade in your instrument for a different size. You will need to send in your old instrument to our shop. Once we have received it, we will send the new size to you. Please contact us before you send the instrument by phone or email. 

Will I be able to trade in an instrument for a different size?

Customers are responsible for shipping costs and these can vary from destination to destination. 

Whether you are returning your instrument or upgrading, you must ensure that you pack your instrument correctly, or else you may be liable for damages sustained while shipping. Check out our shipping page for more information. 

How does shipping work?

Click here to order. 

Ready to order your rental? 

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